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RagerX: How to configure wi-fi?

RagerX Monero miner supports both wired Ethernet (is usually called eth0 in console) and Wi-fi (is usually called wlan0 in console) interfaces. There are 2 ways to setup a Wi-fi connection using RagerX: (easier, faster, less options) Using RagerX GUI flasher(for advanced users) Using commands in terminal In this short tutorial I will show you how to flash RagerX image on your USB drive for using it with Wi-fi interface and set it up in command mode in terminal.
1. Using RagerX GUI flasher

Insert your USB drive and start "RagerX Flasher Utility.exe" and choose your USB drive in the dropdown

Choose RagerX OS image version. (just in case - these images are stored in "roms" folder of the flasher utillity)
Enable "setup WiFi" option and enter your network name and password.
Enter your pool username and pawword. If you have several workers (and USB drives) - you can name them to distinct in stats.
Optionally you can enable USB verification after flashing is finished. P…

RagerX: How to verify your earnings. Explore transparency of the RagerX.

Here is a short frequently asked questions section that may help you:
Q: Why is my "friend" saying that I shouldn't be using free Xmr-Stak-RX or faster RagerX, but instead - go through extra steps to get free xmrig? A: This is cryptocurreny world. Everyone is looking out for themselves. What your "friend" is trying to do is advance his social position by giving you bad financial advice. Think with your wallet, don't put yourself at a financial disadvantage to please a guy you have never seen.
Q: Does the fact that a pool is open sourced mean that it is honest by default? A: Besides frontend (fancy design and pages) a pool has a backend side (the one is not visible for users) that can be modified by the pool admin to do whatever they want to do. So obvious answer is - no.
Q: Source code of RagerX is closed? What, how can it be!! A: Just like SRBMiner, Teamredminer, Claymor, TTminer, Cryptodredge, Nanominer and a lot of other miners. There is still for you a possib…

RagerX: How to get community participation bonus.

You've probably heard about RagerX community participation bonuses. Or wondering what is a "Bonus Reward Level" in RagerX Monero pool dashboard. The reward system is pretty simple:Each user that registers starts with the level 0 of his account. There are 10 levels of accounts availableEach level of a user's account gives additional 0.1% to his mining rewards.To get the reward, just show in RagerX telegram your contribution or hop into it to say hi (if you're active on another social) and team will increase it. (after you link accounts)Like affiliate bonus, community participation bonus is granted without any time limitations and payed from pool fees.So, what ways can this level be increased? Well, it is called "community participation bonus" - be active in socials whatever you like! Just tell people about RagerX, talk with team about it (proposals, bug reports are the fastest way to increase your account level too). Compare RagerX with other Monero mine…

Monero.RagerX: Second Monero pool is available. Want to run own pool? Learn how.

As you have might noticed, in RagerX GUI flasher - there is a dropdown that allows you to choose what coin, pool and what Monero miner to use.

For Monero settings will be following:
Select coin: Monero (RandomX)Select pool: RagerX or Crypto SewerSelect Miner: RagerX
If you want to run own RagerX Monero pool with full control of payouts, api and frontend - leave a request in comments or contact RagerX team in RagerX telegram and we will help you to set it.

Additional Links About RagerX:
Monero.RagerX: XMR mining pool with additional affiliate earnings (features overview)Monero.RagerX: Affiliate program description: earn XMR even without mining!Monero.RagerX: Quick start guide into Monero mining.Monero.RagerX: Is my system suitable for it? Technical requirements.RagerX: How to get community participation bonus.RagerX: How to verify your earnings. Explore transparency of the RagerX.RagerX: How to configure wi-fi?

Monero.RagerX: Is my system suitable for it? Technical requirements.

In order to run your system on RagerX monero pool, your system need to meed some technical requirements: CPU: Amd/Intel compatible CPU with AES-NI (AES New instructions aka "Hardware AES")RAM: 3Gb per CPU (NUMA node)DRIVE: 2Gb (and more) USB drive
RagerX flasher tool, does not allow (is not showing in selection dropdown) to write OS on HDD/SSD drives on your PC by default. (if it whows your HDD - please report it to team, but most likely it is Win10 issue and it flagged your drive as removable) This was done to prevent occasional HDD format and loss of user's data. If you wish to flash RagerX image on Hdd/Ssd drive, you can use one of these options: Download raw OS image file and use 3-rd party flashing software (for example Rufus) + create config manually with online config generatorPlug SSD drive in 2.5" USB box and flash using RagerX flasher Additionally, CPU must support hardware AES instructions. If you want to use CPU without hardware AES, you can use free Xmr-Stak…

Monero.RagerX: Quick start guide into Monero mining.

Monero.RagerX is a monero miner that was built from scratch for the best possible user-experience in mining. To start using it and get all benefits of it, you will need to complete 3 simple steps.

Monero.RagerX: Affiliate program description: earn XMR even without mining!

RagerX Affiliate program allows you to earn XMR for each active miner that you send your link to. Without any limitationss. Forever. Our unique affiliate system lets you earn Monero for miners you refer to the RagerX Monero pool. For each miner that signs up with your affiliate link, you will be credited with 0.5% of the amount of coins that user mines. That reward is given to you even if you are not mining yourself at this moment!
Not only that. RagerX affiliate system has 2-levels: Additionally, for any miner that signs up with an affiliate link from a miner you already refered, you will also be credited with 0.5% of the amount of coins that user mines. You can only earn bonuses based on two levels of referrals.
So, how this works in more plain words? In other words, if you refer Alice, and Alice refers Bob, you will be credited with 0.5% of the amount of coins that both Alice and Bob mine. However, if then Bob refers Charlie, only Alice and Bob would receive a bonus from the amount of c…

Monero.RagerX: XMR mining pool with additional affiliate earnings (features overview)

RagerX is a mining platform built from scratch for the best possible user-experience in mining. RagerX is more than just a monero miner, it is a complete software set, It contains of several parts that are integrated into one high performance system:
The fastest RandomX miner (up to 10% boost over XMRig) that auto updates and has automatic tuning for each specific CPU model. Forget about manual compiling, updating, configuring, or optimizing; RagerX will do it on the fly according to your exact hardware. It works on a heavily rewritten core of Linux (Alpine) to provide the best performance.A user-friendly GUI USB flashing tool that writes the latest RagerX mining operating system and configuration through a step-by-step wizard. (USB drive 2GB+ is required for image flashing.) A demo flasher utility is built right into our website so you can see how easy it is before getting started.
Built-in fast and user-friendly PPLNS Monero pool. The pool frontend has advanced statistics, block repor…