RagerX: How to get community participation bonus.

You've probably heard about RagerX community participation bonuses. Or wondering what is a "Bonus Reward Level" in RagerX Monero pool dashboard. The reward system is pretty simple:
  • Each user that registers starts with the level 0 of his account. 
  • There are 10 levels of accounts available
  • Each level of a user's account gives additional 0.1% to his mining rewards.
  • To get the reward, just show in RagerX telegram your contribution or hop into it to say hi (if you're active on another social) and team will increase it. (after you link accounts)
  • Like affiliate bonus, community participation bonus is granted without any time limitations and payed from pool fees.
So, what ways can this level be increased? Well, it is called "community participation bonus" - be active in socials whatever you like! Just tell people about RagerX, talk with team about it (proposals, bug reports are the fastest way to increase your account level too). Compare RagerX with other Monero miners, share it, showoff your RagerX hashrate on screenshots, in one word - any valuable for community action will be rewarded by RagerX team.

So, for example if your cumulative mining hashrate is 50kh/s, and you have an account level-10, you will get additional 1% of Monero as a reward (that would result in rewards as if you have added 500h/s of mining speed).

Add to that few dozens of referred miners - and you will significantly increase your XMR income in a totally passive way.

Community participation bonus is an easy way to up your income - so flash your copy of RagerX Monero miner today and start earning today!