Monero.RagerX: Quick start guide into Monero mining.

Monero.RagerX is a monero miner that was built from scratch for the best possible user-experience in mining. To start using it and get all benefits of it, you will need to complete 3 simple steps.

The registration on RagerX Monero pool is easy, you need to create a username, password and input your payout address. If you don't have any - you can generate Monero wallet address (press on the 3-dot button on the right side).

IMPORTANT: Write down and backup your seed words and wallet address in a safe place. And never pass your seed phrase to any 3-rd party otherwise your funds may be stolen or won't be recovered later. (if you loose it and decide to use in wallet).
INFO: The wallet generator tool securely generates a new Monero address completely within your browser. Private keys are never sent to a server. Built with MyMonero Core JS

2. Download RagerX flasher tool and write OS image on your USB drive:
2.1 Insert USB in your PC and run RagerX flasher tool. Choose USB drive on the first step and press "continue"
2.2 Check OS image (by default the tool has the latest image already selected) press "continue"
2.3 Verify coin / pool / miner you wish to use and set-up wifi (if needed) and press "continue"
2.4 Enter Monero pool username and password you used in step #1 ("rig id" is optional - if you have many workers, you may want to name them there)
2.5 Press "flash" button (enable "verify" if you wish to check USB drive integrity after the flashing)
2.6 Enable in your BIOS USD as the first boot device and boot from it. And mining process has started. 

3. Bring your friends with you! Check out RagerX referral program
As you're already mining, you have free time that you can use to get even more XMR, you can now go to your user profile on RagerX Monero pool frontend and get your referral link and share it anywhere (twitter, Youtube, forums, email and messengers) and participate in RagerX 2-level affiliate program!
Join RagerX telegram group (there is a stat bot to help you, news and welcoming community) to say hi or go to chat tab!