RagerX: How to configure wi-fi?

RagerX Monero miner supports both wired Ethernet (is usually called eth0 in console) and Wi-fi (is usually called wlan0 in console) interfaces. There are 2 ways to setup a Wi-fi connection using RagerX:
  1. (easier, faster, less options) Using RagerX GUI flasher
  2. (for advanced users) Using commands in terminal
In this short tutorial I will show you how to flash RagerX image on your USB drive for using it with Wi-fi interface and set it up in command mode in terminal.

1. Using RagerX GUI flasher

Insert your USB drive and start "RagerX Flasher Utility.exe" and choose your USB drive in the dropdown

Choose RagerX OS image version. (just in case - these images are stored in "roms" folder of the flasher utillity)

Enable "setup WiFi" option and enter your network name and password.

Enter your pool username and pawword. If you have several workers (and USB drives) - you can name them to distinct in stats.

Optionally you can enable USB verification after flashing is finished. Press "flash" button

 Press "ok" and reboot your PC. Boot from USB (set usb drive as the first boot device in BIOS) and enjoy!

2. Using command mode in terminal

You can also set up Wi-fi interface in terminal (after booting RagerX OS). This way is for advanced users or use cases where you need additional settings being set up.

In order to configure wi-fi in command mode, you need to initialise device, enter network name and its password and assign IP address to it. In following command sequence yellow text is a user input and blue text is your wi-fi network name (ssid):
  1. Do you want to change keyboard layout? No
  2. Available interfaces are: wlan0. Which one do you want to initialise: wlan0
  3. Available wireless networks: yournetworkname. Type the network name to connect to: yournetworkname
  4. Type the yournetworkname pre shared key (password): yourpassword
  5. Ip address for wlan0? dhcp
  6. Successfully initialised WPA supplicant. RagerX will reboot to finish installation and continue mining
After the reboot RagerX will start mining on Monero pool and you will see shares sent.