Monero.RagerX: Is my system suitable for it? Technical requirements.

In order to run your system on RagerX monero pool, your system need to meed some technical requirements:
  • CPU: Amd/Intel compatible CPU with AES-NI (AES New instructions aka "Hardware AES")
  • RAM: 3Gb per CPU (NUMA node)
  • DRIVE: 2Gb (and more) USB drive

RagerX flasher tool, does not allow (is not showing in selection dropdown) to write OS on HDD/SSD drives on your PC by default. (if it whows your HDD - please report it to team, but most likely it is Win10 issue and it flagged your drive as removable)
This was done to prevent occasional HDD format and loss of user's data. If you wish to flash RagerX image on Hdd/Ssd drive, you can use one of these options:
  • Download raw OS image file and use 3-rd party flashing software (for example Rufus) + create config manually with online config generator
  • Plug SSD drive in 2.5" USB box and flash using RagerX flasher
Additionally, CPU must support hardware AES instructions. If you want to use CPU without hardware AES, you can use free Xmr-Stak-RX (free Monero RandomX miner) on Windows or Linux. You can find if your CPU supports AES on Intel's ARK page with filters applied, or check specific CPU: